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 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Management transition has been underway for some time now. Many homeowners have signed up for and begun using their Web Portals in AppFolio (our management software). This program is an email-based system. It is imperative that all homeowners get signed in and open their personal web portal as soon as possible. Email will be the number 1 mean of communication going forward. Your patience is appreciated, there are 1776 homeowners in Silver Creek. To those of you who have already signed up, logged in and made your payments – thank you.

People who are in find the system to be very user friendly however for some there can be a little learning curve to get used to it. We’re here to help!

This open house will be for AppFolio system sign-up and dues assessment payment issues ONLY. No other business will be discussed (we have to limit this as it is the only day we have available to assist you with this).

Other concerns can be addressed to membercare@silvercreekwa.com or for those without internet access use our voicemail only line. Note this line has limited monitoring and it may take some time to get back to you.  Lastly office visits are by appointment only as our doors are closed to the public. If you choose to show up without appointment, we may be available however, there is a very good chance that no one will be there to help you (we just don’t want you frustrated after a drive to Lakewood).


Management and the board look forward to assisting you Tuesday.




To the Board of Directors, Association Members and Management

Silver Creek Association.

There was no quorum for the 2022 election, the previous board stays until election of 2023.

The vote count below does not represent a valid election due to lack of a quorum.

the budget vote did not repeal the budget due to lack of votes needed, 889 needed to repeal.



Qualified                                                                         162

Disqualified – more than 4 votes                                 5

Disqualified – delinquent account                              15

Total ballots received by December 5, 2022             182

Total of Qualified Ballots Received

Michael Morrey                             208

Lavern Peterson                             129

Joshua McCoy                                108

Wolfgang Peter Riss                         77

Joe Jonak                                          62

Chris Miller                                       62




Qualified                                                                     236

Disqualified – delinquent account                         27

Total ballots received by December 16, 2022      263

Total of Qualified Ballots Received

Approval                                                                 54

Rejection                                                                182







October 12, 2022


If you are interested in running for, or nominating someone to run for, the Silver Creek Board of Directors; it is time to submit names. The last round of nominations must be received no later than Monday October 24, 2022. This is the final nomination opportunity before the final ballots are mailed out.

Please note that nominees must be in good standing with the Association in order to be elected (see paragraph 6.1 of the Bylaws “…directors are to be a member in good standing in the association – owe no monies and have no outstanding violations against them”. All nominees will be reviewed to confirm they are in good standing before being added to the ballot.

Along with names, it has been the practice of Silver Creek to require all nominees to submit a short ‘bio’ (‘biography’) so that the members of the association can read about the candidates and make informed decisions as to who they wish to elect to run the community for the next several years.

Nominations along with a short bio (please try to keep it to no more than a few sentences) need to be sent to membercare@silvercreekwa.com. Again, make sure that we receive them by October 24, 2022 for this final round.

Thank you,

Silver Creek Board of Directors




August 30, 2022

Dear Silver Creek Association Members;

Please be advised that Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) has been engaged to manage the Silver Creek Homeowners Association. Effective September 1, 2022, we will be your point of contact for all association matters. Because of the date of final contracting decision by your board of directors, there will be a short period during which you will need to contact the board directly until we’re finished with your ‘setup’. Until further notice the official means of communication will be hoaboard@silvercreekwa.com. The board will work directly with us to handle any business for the time being. Soon we will inform you how to contact us directly – please watch for that.

From that date of further notification, you’ll need to make your HOA Dues payments to: Silver Creek HOA in care of our office (information later in this paragraph). We are currently having the input and set-up of the association’s records completed on our system.  We’ll soon send you an email invitation through ‘AppFolio’ (our management software) to create your new web-portal.  Please watch for that email (occasionally, depending on your firewalls etc., the email could go into ‘spam’ or ‘junk email’ folders as well) and simply follow its instructions. Through the portal you’ll be able to make dues payments and review new documents that we share from time to time, as well as find many current association official documents shared for your ease of finding them as needed. If you choose the preferred payment method, electronically through the portal, we suggest that you use a bank routing and account number as opposed to a debit or credit card as AppFolio charges a ‘pass-through’ fee for card use (bank account, or ‘ACH’ payments are always free of charge). If you must pay by check, please make payable to Silver Creek HOA and mail to Silver Creek HOA c/o REIS 7609 Steilacoom Blvd SW, Suite 300A, Lakewood, WA 98498.

It is important for you to know that the association division of our business operates on a TEAM approach. We have plenty of support to handle the business of Silver Creek as the entire staff will work side by side in the management of the association. Silver Creek will have its own manager assigned to it so that we can best facilitate the day-to-day tasks. Your assigned manager will be announced in the next letter. We will be working directly with the Board of Directors; attending meetings, assisting them with advice, building your budget, making sure the HOA is kept up on legal requirements, and much more. We appreciate the opportunity that your Board has placed in our company.

Again, for the time being if you have any questions or concerns, please email hoaboard@silvercreekwa.com. Your emails will be monitored by the board and dealt with accordingly until we are fully operational after which we’ll communicate new means to get in touch with our staff.  For now, please know that we are more than capable of managing your association and will be happy to help.

In closing; We are excited to welcome you to the REIS family! We take our business seriously and ‘customer care’ is at the top of that list. Your team includes Managers, Bookkeepers and Admin Personnel in the office, plus vendors/contractors, out in the field. We look forward to servicing your association!




Puyallup, August 25, 2022

         Dear owners

After much deliberation, the Silver Creek Association Board of Directors has decided to transition to a new management company. Beginning September 1, 2022, Silver Creek will be managed by REIS. The Board would like to thank JC-Higgins & Associates for its work. The Board would also like to take this opportunity to thank its current manager Lorne Martin.

While the Board is excited about building a relationship with the new management company, the Board requests your patience in working with the Board and management during this transitional period in the month of September. Additional information, including contact information for the Association’s new community manager will be provided to owners soon.


Sincerely yours,


Silver Creek Association

Board of Directors


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