Gate Access & Remotes

Community Gates

Several of the neighborhoods in Silver Creek have traffic control gates at their entrances. Please note these are not security gates where someone checks ID’s to allow entrance.

Every homeowner is provided with a private gate entry access code. The Association encourages all homeowners to NOT give out their private gate code. For your convenience, you may purchase gate remotes for ease of access so that you do not have to stop and manually enter a code to gain access. Landlords are responsible for providing their tenants with access. Gate remotes are not supplied by the Association. When you purchase a home, the previous owner may have left remotes for you. New remotes are available for purchase at the offices of JCHiggins & Associates.

There are warning signs on the gates with important information to drivers. Please read these signs and familiarize yourself with the operation of the gates. NEVER PUSH ON A GATE WITH YOUR CAR AS THIS WILL NOT OPEN THE GATES WITHOUT CAUSING DAMAGE TO YOUR CAR, YOUR GATES, OR YOUR PERSON!

It is important that only one car per open cycle passes through the gates (following another car through an open gate is never safe).  Please note that pressing the remote clicker button to open a gate that is amidst closing may or may not switch the motion and it creates undue wear and tear on the equipment that you all pay to maintain and repair.

Please also note that the gates for the Country Hollow and Hillsboro developments (these are the two largest neighborhoods in Silver Creek) are programmed to be locked in the open position for extended periods during the day to allow ease of traffic flow. This program was implemented several years ago because heavy traffic caused high maintenance costs.

Gate Access Codes:

To obtain a code for the gate or change your name or phone number in the gate, email your name, address, and the local (253) area code phone number to


Gate Remotes:

Residents may purchase gate remotes at the offices of JCHiggins & Associates located at 802 39th Ave SW, Puyallup 98373. Please note that we accept checks, money orders, and credit & debit cards – there is a 3% convenience fee for the use of any charge cards (no cash is accepted).