FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I’ve heard that there is a big community-wide garage/yard sale in Silver Creek… When is it?

A: This is a huge community event and it takes place each year during the first full weekend of June. Watch this website for announcements about times and other information for this event. It will also be posted to the community calendar each year.


Q: I’m selling my home and would like to hold an Open House. May I request to have the gates open for the event?

A: Yes, if you are holding an Open House to sell your home, you may request to have the gates open for the times of the event. Please contact gates@silvercreekwa.com at least three business days prior to the event to allow time to have the gates programmed. There is a programming fee of $30.00 for this service.


Q: Am I able to reserve the Clubhouse for private parties?

A: The Clubhouse is available for private parties for Silver Creek residents only. The Clubhouse is not open to the public. Please click here for more information and instructions on reserving the Clubhouse.


Q: When I rent the Community Center Clubhouse, does that include any of the playground or other outside areas?

A: Rental of the Clubhouse includes only the inside of the building and the railed in concrete patios at either end of the building.


Q: What about the baseball diamond, soccer fields and other outside areas near the Community Center, can any of these areas be rented or reserved?

A: At this time no organized sports activity is allowed on the sports fields. These are available on a first come first served basis to all residents of Silver Creek and their guests. You cannot ‘reserve’ the fields or courts.


Q: What if my neighbor’s dog is barking excessively or running loose?

A: Please try communicating directly with your neighbor (remember a friendly approach and kind words can go a long way). If you get no results, please send an email to the Association at reportaviolation@silvercreekwa.com and call Pierce County Animal Control at 253-798-7387. Animal Control has authority beyond what the Association has and may be able to address your concern more directly.


Q: What if a neighbor is having a loud party?

A: Please try communicating directly with your neighbor (remember a friendly approach and kind words can go a long way). If you get no results, while the Association may enforce against a nuisance within the Community, it not equipped to put an end to an unruly party.  Noise issues are also a civil matter which may be addressed by the Pierce County Sheriff Department. Please call the PC Sheriff Non-emergency number at 253-798-4721 (anytime day or night). The Sheriff has informed us that they will investigate and come ask the offenders to ‘turn it down’ if at least three different neighbors call them… as long as they are not all assigned to higher level emergencies at the time. They ask that homeowners please be patient, but they will do what they can to help as Deputy availability allows.


Q: So, just who cleans up the trash around here anyway?

A: Trash pickup in our society in general is all our responsibility. As our moms and dads taught us growing up… if you see something laying on the ground pick it up; if you walk by it and everyone else walks by it, it will never get picked up. We all must do our part. And what you haul in you haul out… if you have a can or bottle or candy wrapper; don’t just toss it on the ground throw it in a trash can… The 1970’s ad campaign was “pitch in”. Just so you know; when the landscaper is in the community mowing, blowing etc., they pick up whatever trash they see; however, they are only here once a week.  We also occasionally hire a maintenance specialist from the management company to perform a “trash patrol” but again, if everyone does their part, we can all help keep Silver Creek Green!


Q: Where is the property line between my neighbor’s house and mine?

A: All property disputes between neighbors are individual/private matters which must be worked out between those neighbors. Property lines are a matter of record and you may need to have a survey performed to obtain exact information. Unfortunately, the HOA cannot help you with or give you any information regarding these matters.


Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the fences?

A: Homeowners are responsible to maintain, repair and replace any fencing that borders their property. The HOA will only maintain and replace fencing that has Common Areas on both sides of the fence (i.e. between the storm pond and the street). Please see May 2016 Board Meeting minutes for further information.


Q: If a tree, or leaves or branches, falls on my property who is responsible?

A: It depends – this is an uncontrollable act of nature and the reason homeowners need to have proper insurance. Please contact your insurance agent to confirm what is covered on your policy.

Further Explanation:

According to the professionals, cleanup is the responsibility of the homeowner whose property that the tree or branches (or anything blown in by nature really) falls onto. There is sometimes some responsibility on the property owner from where the tree came but that can be limited as these are sudden and accidental uncontrollable acts of nature.

If you should notice a tree that appears to be dead, dying, or leaning and you have concerns, you should inform the property owner where the tree lives in writing right away so that they can have the tree checked by a certified arborist.

If you live near a greenbelt, please send your concern and a photo by email to membercare@silvercreekwa.com. If the greenbelt is owned by the HOA, we will send an arborist out to make an assessment.


Q: Who is responsible to maintain the trees in the parking strips between the street and the sidewalk?

A: These trees are not planted through the entire community but do exist in several neighborhoods. The Board has noted that the maintenance of these trees is the responsibility of the homeowner whose lot they exist in front of. These trees need to be kept trimmed as to allow clear passage of pedestrians and vehicles. They may not be removed unless there is a legitimate problem with them, and any tree removed would need to be replaced with an approved species. Board permission would need to be granted to make any changes so if you have a disease or rot issue or something along those lines with your tree, please get in touch with the board in writing hoaboard@silvercreekwa.com and the board will take it under consideration and advise accordingly.


Q: I’ve lost my mailbox key. What do I do now?

A: The Association does not maintain any mailbox keys. If you have misplaced your keys or the lock is no longer working you will need to purchase a new mailbox lock (most hardware stores carry them) and coordinate with the postal carrier to gain access to your mailbox to replace it. You may also hire a locksmith to perform the replacement for you.