ACC (Architectural Control Committee)

If you are planning any changes to the outside of your home (including fences, sheds, etc.), the governing documents require that you submit a request to the committee for approval before scheduling or starting the project.  The Architectural Submittal Form below may be printed for your use. Please submit a separate form for each item (or change) that you are requesting. For example, if you are painting and want to build a fence at the same time, you’ll need to submit two forms. It is especially important to make sure you submit a complete package with all required information to receive an approval. Incomplete submission packages will be denied, returned and may delay your project.

Please email a complete submission package to:

If you are painting, you will need to include sample ‘paint chips’ so the committee can review the application). If you plan to repaint your home the exact same colors that it is currently, you may proceed without making application since there will be no change in appearance.  Major landscape changes such as removing or planting trees, or redesigning beds, installing pavers, etc. will require ACC approval. When in doubt you may email management for an opinion at

The Pierce County PublicGIS map website may be helpful when looking for information regarding your property.

Download ACC Submittal Forms

To save the forms on your computer right click and click “save as.”

The Architectural Submittal Form may be filled out on your computer then printed and submitted as instructed above. If instructed under the section of the Submittal Form that applies to your proposed project (i.e. fence), please remember to include a sketch/drawing with measurements and submit that with your form.

  • Architectural Submittal Form

  • ARC
  • Please submit a separate form for each item (or change) that you are requesting.

  • Approved Fence Design