Silver Creek Apartments

1) Notice of Application

2) Permit Document

3) SEPA Application

4) SEPA Checklist

5) Traffic Engineering

6) School District Comment Letter

7) Pierce Transit Letter

8) Design Standard Letter

9) Site Plan

10)  Mitigated Determination of Non-significance

11) September 2015 public hearing meeting notice

12) September 2015 South Hill Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

“Church Site” behind Premier

Notice  from Pierce County – Amend Plat Map – Hearing

Change to plan for site – Major Amendment NOA

Proposed Amendment of Zoning – Public Notice

Written Notice of Timber Harvesting – ESM Consulting Engineers, LLC

View Maintenance

There have been many rumors and a lot of misinformation surrounding this subject. Below you can access and review every document from the case. The Facts. If you have any questions about this project or the subsequent lawsuit and final settlement; please send us an email to

We will consider your questions and respond accordingly.  The board of directors has settled the litigation in a manner that they believe is in the best interest of all Silver Creek owners. The Board has approved View Maintenance Guidelines that allow selected pruning, crown thinning, and low limb removal on individual trees bordering view corridors.  That is all that has been approved.  The Guidelines specifically prohibit the topping or removal of any trees, unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors.  No tree topping or removal has been approved.  All work must be done by state certified arborists. All the arborists with whom we have consulted agree that the limited work allowed by these Guidelines will promote the overall health and vitality of the forested common areas while maintaining its existing forested character.

1) Q&A

2) Legal Opinion Legal Opinion

3) Reconsideration Response

4) Legal Documents

4.1 – Case Cover Sheet

4.2 – Order Setting Hearing Date

4.3 – Summons

4.4 – Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

4.5 – Notice of Appearance

4.6 – Notice of Unavailability

4.7 – Declaration of Service

4.8 – Agreement to Accept Service by Electronic Mail

4.9 – Notice of Unavailability

4.10 – Defendant’s Answer to Plaintiffs’ Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

4.11 – Reassignment of Judge

4.12 – Order Setting Case Schedule

4.13 – Note for Motion Docket

4.14 – Demand for Jury of Twelve

4.15 – Reassignment of Judge

4.16 – Reassignment Issuance of Case Schedule

4.17 – Order Amending Case Schedule

4.18 – Notice of Unavailability

4.19 – Dept 6 Court Letter

4.20 – Confirmation of Joinder of Parties, Claims and Defenses

4.21 – Plaintiffs’ Disclosure of Possible Primary Witnesses

4.22 – Note for Motion Docket

4.23 – Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment Dismissal of Plaintiffs’ Complaint

4.24 – Declaration of Gabriella Wagner in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment

4.25 – Declaration of Robert Schultz, Jr. in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment

4.26 – Notice of Unavailability

4.27 – Pretrial Order

4.28 – Note for Motion Docket

4.29 – Plaintiffs’ Motion to Enforce CR2A Agreement

4.30 – Declaration of Jason Whalen in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion to Enforce CR2A Agreement

4.31 – Notice of Settlement of All Claims Against All Parties

4.32 – Stipulation and Order of Dismissal


5) 2017 / 2018 Tree Damage Legal Documents

5.1 – Complaint Filed for Money Judgment and Enforcement of Mediation and Arbitration Agreement

5.2 – Summons

5.3 – Order Setting Case Schedule

5.4 – Answer to Complaint for Money Judgment and Enforcement of Mediation and Arbitration Agreement and Counterclaims

5.5 – Answer to Counterclaims

Forest Management

Tree Damage Appraisal Report


Surface Water Management

2020 Annual Stormwater Management Facilities Inspection Reports

CH Stormwater Inspection 060120

GH Stormwater Inspection 060820

HB Stormwater Inspection 060120

PR Stormwater Inspection 060820

SO Stormwater Inspection 060120

AF Stormwater Inspection 060820

BF Stormwater Inspection 060120