Call for Nominations

Official Call for Nominations for 2019 Board of Directors Election

Due to the fact that we did not receive enough ballots returned last year to represent  a quorum to make the election official; we are holding an election again this year. If you are interested in running for the Silver Creek Board of Directors; it is time to submit your name. The first round of nominations must be received no later than Friday August 23, 2019. There will be one final nomination opportunity before the final ballots are mailed out.

Please note that nominees must be in good standing with the Association in order to be elected (see paragraph 6.1 of the Bylaws “…directors are to be a member in good standing in the association – owe no monies and have no outstanding violations against them”. All nominees will be reviewed to confirm they are in good standing before being added to the ballot.

Along with names, it has been the practice of Silver Creek to require all nominees to submit a short ‘bio’ (‘biography’) so that the members of the association can read about the candidates and make informed decisions as to who they wish to elect to run the community for the next several years.

Nominations along with a short bio (please try to keep it to no more than 6 or 8 typed lines) must be sent to Again make sure that we receive them by August 23, 2019 for this round.