Recognized Official Committees

Notice: All committees are selected by the Board of Directors. As such, only Board approved and appointed committees are recognized as official and any information obtained through other sources should be verified.

The recognized official committees are currently:


    If you wish to inquire about any of these, or form a new committee of any kind, please contact the board or management via with your proposal.


Specific Needs for 2016/2017:

    If you are interested in helping the Budget and Finance Committee please email

    If you are interested in helping the Community Events Committee please email  


Sincerely, SCHOA Board


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Budget & Finance

Special Note regarding committees.

To all Homeowners:

There has been an “email update” that was going around for several months (and may still be) to some Silver Creek homeowners which came from an owner that lives in Country Hollow. While it may appear to be information coming from the Silver Creek Board of Directors or Management, it is not. This is an unofficial newsletter from owners who do not participate on the Board of Director’s or any official Silver Creek committees. The email return address shows as “CountryHollow NbrhdWatch” ”.

Be aware that official Silver Creek emails will come from a “” or “” address. While most of the information presented in this letter may be correct, sometimes it is inaccurate.  Of course we recognize that all homeowners have freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and we do not wish to censor any of that. However, we do advise you to check the source when you receive information regarding the Silver Creek HOA. Again, this official Silver Creek website lists all officially recognized committees. You can trust information that is posted here, as well as what comes through an email blast from the Silvercreek web master ( and whatever you receive in the U.S. mail from the management company. If you have any questions about this statement, please contact management: .

Thank you,
Association Manager