CC&R’s & Enforcement

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Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions & Other Governing Documents

Like all Planned Unit Developments, Silver Creek is mandatorily governed by recorded CC&R’s. All residents have certain rights and responsibilities under these documents. All lots are governed by the Master CC&R’s, and further by the  supplementary declaration for the particular neighborhood within Silver Creek (i.e. Brookfeild or Grayhawk) as well as other rules set out by the Board of Directors… see below. *Furthermore, if you live in the Sterling Ridge neighborhood, please note that is a condominium which is governed by both the Silver Creek Master CC&R and a seperate Condo Declaration

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Silver Creek "Master" CC&R and it’s  By-Laws



Note: Sterling Ridge is unique from all the other neighborhoods in Silver Creek. This neighboord is a part of the Silver Creek Master Association; meaning that it is governed under the Silver Creek Association documents (Master CC&R & by-laws) listed above; and is additionally governed by its own Condominium Owner's Association. For your convenience we have links to their Rules and Regs below but again, please check with them directly to be sure you are viewing the most up to date information. All other listed neighborhoods are governed by the Silver Master Association documents and additionally governed by individual supplemetary CC&R's drawn exclusively for that neighborhood. It is important to state here that the rest of the individual neighborhoods are NOT "sub-associations" but are part of the Silver Creek HOA - Sterling Ridge is the ONLY exception as stated above.


Supplementary CC&R’s for each neighborhood in the community:




Country Hollow





South Ridge

Sterling Ridge




Enforcement Procedure Document

Parking Procedure Document

Pierce County Sheriff Agreement


Official Board Policy regarding telephone conduct:

Many homeowners receive friendly reminders and violation letters each month. The management company is tasked with enforcing our rules and regulations as outlined in our governing documents. Some residents choose to contact management to discuss these enforcement letters. Management welcomes these calls and will do what they can, as directed by the board, to help you resolve your concerns. However; the Board of Directors has instructed its management company to not return any phone calls which are abusive in nature; include foul language; or which personally attack any of their employees. We understand that you may be angry or frustrated about receiving a letter when you call, yet it is expected that all of us conduct ourselves in a civil manner when talking with the representatives (or leaving a message for them). The Board of Directors cannot tolerate abusive behavior toward any of the vendors or contractors who serve our community’s needs. Therefore if you call the offices of the management company and swear at them, threaten anyone, accuse them of falsehoods, or are otherwise abusive, they will not call you back and they cannot help you resolve your frustration. Thank you for your cooperation.


Violation Reports